Brayer Basics

Yesterday I posted a card with a brayered background. See it here. Before we get into the detail of that card, let’s talk about Brayer Basics.

Inking Your Brayer:

  • You can ink your brayer with your ink pad in a portrait or landscape position. This will depend on the amount of ink you need or it might just be plain personal preference.
  • To get the best coverage of ink on your brayer, always ink it in one direction. Roll the brayer from the bottom of the ink pad to the top, lift the brayer and then bring it back to the bottom of the ink pad to roll it again. This ensures that you will get even coverage of ink around the entire roller surface.
  • On each subsequent bottom to top pass, move the brayer to the right or left before putting it back down on the ink pad. This will allow you to ink the entire roller, not just the center, especially if you are working with the ink pad in a portrait position.
  • Make several bottom to top passes until you feel that the roller is sufficiently inked.

Transferring The Ink:

  • If you wish to cover the entire surface of your card stock, place the roller onto the work surface just before the edge of the cardstock. Roll the brayer across the cardstock. You will definitely see where the roller begins the second rotation because the ink will be much lighter after the initial rotation.
  • Roll the brayer in the opposite direction, back over the area you have already inked to transfer as much ink as possible off of the roller and onto your project. Roll back and forth several times, applying slight pressure.
  • Re-ink the brayer and repeat until you achieve the look you want.

Using multiple colors as on yesterday’s project is really pretty simple once you have the basics down. If your project is larger than the width of the brayer, then you’ll have to ink and transfer several times. Remember that the most ink will be transferred right at the beginning, so you don’t want to start rolling at the same spot each time unless that is the effect you are trying to achieve. If you are making a solid background, you can start rolling from different directions and angles to fill in gaps. Have fun playing around with your brayer! I know you’ll make beautiful backgrounds!

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